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Piercing blue

music : lupin
Lyric : dice
It look up blue sky empty.  I feel the scudding cloud and the wind.
with the desire where it runs through.  The desire to run about the chest.
To the sky of the future in the other side muck.
To the world doesn't right now know to want to fly away.  To the skies.

To that piercing blue.  あの青さへと
真っすぐに 行こう with you
I will jump over shining sky of the future.
I want to fly high toward sky.

The sky wide in which it has not seen.  Unknown sky that has not seen.
Our roads are tiny if it thinks.  It's like corpuscle of flash.
It faces the distance blue sky that no one knows.
Light is held right now  wanting the diving  fly away to the sky.

To that piercing blue.  あの青さへと
真っすぐに 行こう  with me
Light that shines from whom.  Without roothing out the light.
It keep it secret in the mu heart.

目を開いて 息を吸って 鼓動響かせ

真っすぐに 行こう  Piercing blue
吹き抜ける風を背に受け 光羽ばたかせて
​To that piercing blue.  あの青さへと
真っすぐに 行こう一緒に
Wind that blows and comes.  It bathes in in the back.

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